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Games we produce


It is a new type of group activity in town that can be described as a mix of escape game, treasure hunt and geocaching.


A digital board game experience that will help to bring friends and family together. It can be easily played at home as well as online via a conference call.


This game will help to improve your teamwork while solving puzzles together with your colleagues. You can play in the office or online via conference call.


A perfect opportunity to get to know any new city on your own in a fun and interactive way. You can choose to play alone or together with your travel companion.
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Our idea

Our business idea is to provide everyone with easy and affordable access to the top class on & offline adventure games and events on a daily basis. We create a subscription service for group activities which will help to improve the level of social awareness.


Our vision is to create a simple tool based on group activities for socializing in real life in a society overloaded with online communication.


Our mission is to increase the level of social interaction among people with the help of the technology we use in everyday life.

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