What could the world be like after the apocalypse?

A series of games - "On the other side..." will immerse you into one of these alternatives.

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On the other side

The game will take you to a post-apocalyptic world where air pollution is keeping everyone locked inside their “smart homes”. These homes are collecting your personal data and it seems like there is no way out. The world has changed but corruption, violence, and abuse of power are still terrorizing society. People are desperately craving for justice and only you can bring it back to them!

What is HomeQuest

Game episodes

Episode #1

Why do you cry baby?

Children are not always crying for no reason. What seems to be typical online hooliganism can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg of a huge criminal plan. Piece by piece you will need to put scattered puzzles of this mysterious case together to realize that children’s cry should always be taken seriously.
Difficulty: 8 / 10
Game length: 2:30 h
Number of players: 2-6
Location: Digital or in one room
249 SEK per team
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How to play

Team Up

You have to be 2-6 people per team to play the game. The maximum amount of teams is unlimited.

Make a booking

In the booking confirmation, you will receive the game link which you will use to get additional clues, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery. You can start playing at any time convenient for you. The game is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Digital or in one room

Are you going to play digitally? Then each player needs to have both a computer (for communication) and a smartphone (for the game). Should the whole team play in the same room? Then just one smartphone is enough for each player. But we recommend that the team captain uses a computer instead of a smartphone.

Accept the Mission

Before the start team captain can open the game link and share it with the rest of the team. In the app, you will find the rules of the game. Read them together with your team. The countdown will begin after the captain clicks on "Start game".


Use the initial documents together with the game app to find clues, explore the fantasy world, and complete the mission. You need to work as a team and think outside the box in order to succeed!


Your goal is to answer as many questions as possible before the game time expires. After the game is over you will be given a summary of what has happened to compare with your answers. Have you succeeded?