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What is HomeQuest?

HomeQuest is a detective game that is perfect for a home evening with family and friends. You can play in one room or organize a video call. Either way, you will get an immersive experience and connect on a whole new level!

Use our browser-based investigation app to analyze facts, collect clues, and solve puzzles while trying to unravel the mystery case together. By the way, the game is valid for 1 year so book now and play whenever you feel like it!

Check out the video showing the new world where you and your team will do your first investigation!

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Our Games

The Lost One

Single game
The attorney’s son went missing and the mother is ready to do whatever it takes to find her precious boy alive. All the police units are on full alert and you are about to get to work when you suddenly realize: how can a child go missing in a society where every step is controlled by the system? Let’s find out!
249 SEK per team
Available in:    

On the other side

Number of episodes: 1
The game will take you to a post-apocalyptic world where air pollution is keeping everyone locked inside their “smart homes”. These homes are collecting your personal data and it seems like there is no way out. The world has changed but corruption, violence, and abuse of power are still terrorizing society. People are desperately craving for justice and only you can bring it back to them!
249 SEK per team
Available in:    

Book of Kells

Single game
"Book of Kells" is a thrilling mystery set around the dissapearance of the famous medieval manuscript of the same name. In this virtual challenge environment, team members will find themselves immersed in a captivating storyline, where they must work together to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and ultimately locate the missing manuscripts and save the career of a friend.
299 SEK per team
Available in:  

What others say

Played over distance and it worked great

We were 3 players who teamed up and played "Why do you cry baby?" Had a fun couple of hours together and when we got into how everything worked it was fun investigating both together and on our own at the same time. Played over distance and it worked great. For 2-4 players this is a nice breakoff from reality :) more then 4 I think it would have been crowded.

Karina Sundén
Haven't laughed this much in a while!

We played HomeQuest "Why do you cry baby" and had SO much fun! Once we got into the backstory and how to actually play, we were all scrambling to uncover clues and piece together the puzzle, both working together and trying to beat each other to it. Haven't laughed this much in a while -- perfect game to play with everyone online and socially distanced, it felt like we were all together! Thank you! :)

Cajsa L
It was a fun experience

Played Why do you cry baby? It was a fun experience. Found it a bit easy, but that could be down to my stellar team. We did the story just shy of 1.5 h with 3 players. But the story was good.

Thomas Björk

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It is sometimes hard to choose the right gift for your friends and family. Why not giving them a unique experience which will help you to spend some more quality time together while solving a mystery! HomeQuest is a perfect gift!

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