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Welcome to OfficeQuest!

  • Ideal for team building, after work or kick-off.
  • Easy to start, browser-based, simple rules.
  • Play from anywhere!
  • No need for a game host.

Every mystery will activate your logical thinking, collaborative skills and attention to detail. It's time to be creative if you want to solve the problem!

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Mission “ILoveYou”

Single game
2-6 players per team
The world is full of mysteries. Unsolved crimes, incidents that seem mystical, blank spots of history. For many years it seemed that they would all remain unsolved. But now there is hope! The secret organization "Reality 2.0", using the full power of modern technology to recreate the circumstances of mysterious events, dive into them and find the answers. You are the agents of this organization, or “reality hackers”, as you prefer to call yourself. Unsolvable riddles are your job.
175 SEK per person
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What others say

The story and puzzles were engaging

Played the online escape room “I Love You” with friends through Teams and it was good fun! The story and puzzles were engaging and 60m flew by. Fun way to test teamwork and communication skills. Make sure you have a good connection before playing.

Tomas Vasconcelos
Interesting scenario and tasks

Played it online together with friends. Interesting scenario and tasks, enjoyed it so much! Would definitely recommend the game to someone who hasn't tried it yet

Laima D
Tons of fun!

Tons of fun! If you like escape rooms, Exit: The Game or anything that involves problem solving and a mysterious narrative, you'll really enjoy this 60 min adventure.

Adem McKenzie-Onah

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It is a new type of group activity in town that can be described as a mix of escape game, treasure hunt and geocaching.


A digital board game experience that will help to bring friends and family together. It can be easily played at home as well as online via a conference call.

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