CityQuest - The city is your playground!

Real-life detective game for corporate and private events!

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What is CityQuest?

Everyone enjoys watching detective TV-series! How about becoming a part of it? Bring your family, friends or colleagues and solve the mystery whenever you want. Yes, you read that right, our activities are available 24/7. Play at night, Christmas Eve, Midsummer, in other words - whenever you have the time and the mood.

Use our browser-based investigation app which has the starting material you need to begin the investigation, find new clues, solve riddles and unravel the mystery. The game takes place outdoors and each game has its own route in different parts of Stockholm's city centre.

CityQuest is a new type of entertainment in town that can be described as a mix of escape rooms, treasure hunt, ghost walk, and geocaching. Sounds exciting? Let’s play! By the way, the game is valid for 1 year so book now and play whenever you feel like it!


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Stockholm Syndrome

Number of episodes: 2
Are you ready for the game series where you and your team will have a chance to become a private detective agency? Each episode is an independent investigation combined into a massive mystery! You will have to reveal the traitor, save an innocent soul from the false prosecution, spy on the Russian mafia, and finally save the whole city from a biochemical disaster! Do you think you can manage? Choose your first mission!
199 SEK per person
Available in:    

Spooky Quest: Lost Souls

Single game
Horrible things only happen to others, right? Dark season in Stockholm is perfect time to get a little spooky with each other. How about immersing yourself in a journalistic investigation while doing this? Why not solve a mystery about an old curse? I bet you are not scared of ghosts, right? Or even becoming one yourself..?
99 SEK per person
Available in:    

London Espionage

Single game
"Welcome to the thrilling world of 'London Espionage,' where you become an integral part of a heart-pounding mystery adventure set in the stunning backdrop of London. You'll find yourself ensnared in a captivating web of intrigue and mystery as you follow the breadcrumbs left behind by an agent desperately seeking your assistance."
14 GBP per person
Available in:  

What others say

Great game, marvelous story!

Great game, marvelous story! We get into this as a part of the team-building activity in our company. It was funny to see how my colleagues react to a different part of the adventure during the game. Indeed, the game makes us feel like a team where everyone input is counted. Special thanks for the accurate and quick support when we need it. Definitely recommended for everyone who is looking for team-building activity in Stockholm.

Sanna A
The best way to spend a day in Stockholm!

The best way to spend a day in Stockholm! We enjoyed solving qlues and exploring the city at the same time. The riddles will lead you to the most beautiful places in Stockholm. The ARDI team are amazing! I had a special request for them, which they warmly accepted and realized.

Nedim Z
Great experience for a company of friends

I love detective games and escape rooms. This game - was a great combination of both of them. We played with a couple of friends and really enjoy it. Looking forward to try a second episode.

Julia Svensson

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