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    Embark on a Time-Warping Adventure in Sydney!

    Uncover the hidden truths and challenge the threads of reality. Join the quest to navigate the enigmatic Mandela Effect.

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    Team Up, Crack Codes, and Unravel Mysteries!

    Your mission: Preserve history and thwart the temporal pirate's plot. Discover Sydney's landmarks like never before.

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    The Future is in Your Hands!

    Complete thrilling challenges, solve perplexing puzzles, and shape the course of time. Are you ready to redefine history?

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Spel info

ANZAC Memorial
8 / 10
180 min
Antal spelare
2-6 personer per lag
$8 per person
ANZAC Memorial
3.3 km
Suitable age

Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a mystery through time. You find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of time and intrigue as an agent from the far future suddenly contacts you via your phone. You'll uncover a plot to subvert history and must help save the future as you know it.

Vad Ă€r  CityQuest

What others say

En mycket trevlig kvÀll

Hade en mycket trevlig kvĂ€ll pĂ„ stan med nĂ„gra kompisar nĂ€r vi fick runt och spelade. Kul sĂ€tt att uppleva Stockholm pĂ„ och trots att jag bott hĂ€r lĂ€nge sĂ„ upptĂ€ckte man lite nya detaljer. Är ofta i delen av stan dĂ€r slutet av uppdraget utspelade sig och brukar alltid tĂ€nka pĂ„ nĂ€r vi körde :)

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How does it work

Team Up

Gather Your Team:

Recruit 2-6 participants who are ready for an detective adventure.

Coordinate with friends, family, or colleagues and pick a date that suits everyone.

Make a booking

Book Your Adventure:

Once your team is assembled, choose a team leader to make the booking.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the game. This browser-based app will be your guide through the mysteries ahead.

Ready to go?

Assemble at the Start Point:

Meet at the entrance to "ANZAC Memorial" at the agreed-upon time.

Make sure everyone’s smartphones are charged and ready to access the browser-based app.

Game Link Activation:

The team leader opens the game link on their mobile device.

They will then invite the rest of the team to join the game through the app.

Rules Briefing:

Once all members have joined, take the time to read the rules of the game as a group.

Understanding the rules will help you play the game effectively and increase your chances of success.

Start the Game:

The team leader will initiate the game by clicking "Start Game," beginning the countdown.

From this moment, your team is on the clock to solve the mystery.


Follow the Clues:

Use the game application to receive clues and directions.

Navigate the streets of Sydney, uncovering new puzzles and challenges.


Work collaboratively to solve the puzzles. Each member may have different strengths—utilize them.

Communicate effectively and share ideas freely.


You’ll not only uncover the story of the game but also get to see Sydney in a unique light.

Enjoy the journey as much as the game itself.


Solve the Mystery:

As you progress, each clue will piece together the overarching mystery.

Your objective is to combine these pieces and solve the final puzzle.

Final Questions:

At the game's conclusion, you'll be asked the final questions based on your journey.

Answer correctly to achieve success and complete your mission.

Remember, this game is designed to be both challenging and entertaining. Enjoy the immersive experience, learn something new about Sydney, and most importantly, have fun with your team. Good luck, agents!