• Why should I play, maybe the movie is a better idea?

    We love cinema, but CityQuest is your personal movie in reality! Immerse yourself in a fascinating story with friends, a story that you make yourself.

  • Is the game difficult?

    The game should be fun and we know that very well. Our games are balanced - you can have a great time, but you also have to flex your brain.

  • How many people can play?

    An unlimited number of participants can play at the same time. You have to be 2-5 people per team to play the game.

    We recommend that you contact us if you are to be more than 80 people.

  • What is required of me and my team?

    Each player should have a fully charged mobile phone and a set of compatible headphones. We recommend taking a power bank in case your phone has a short battery life, due to the extensive use of mobile devices throughout the game.

  • Is there an age limit?

    Everyone from 15 years and older is welcome to play. Are you a parent? it is possible to bring children with you even if they are younger. Children under the age of 15 accompanied by the adult do not have to pay for the game, but there must be at least two paying players per team. Contact us after you have booked the game and we will extend the amount of players in your team.

  • When can we play?

    All our games are available around the clock. It's your spare time and you should decide when you want to play =)

  • Where and for how long will we play?

    There are different games. Each game has its own starting point and game length (from 1 to 2.5 hours). You will find exact information under the menu "Our games".

  • What do we get as a result?

    Our activities are designed to include all participants in the game. Each of them will be able to show their best talents by investing in a common goal. Participants in the game will be able to get to know each other better, learn to interact better in a team.

  • How can I book a game?

    You can book the game directly by clicking on the "Book" button.

  • Can I pay with an invoice?

    Yes, no problem. By default, we have 14 days payment terms if you choose to pay by invoice. But if your payment processes take longer, you can always write your wishes to us when booking.

  • I booked the game, and then what?

    You will receive a confirmation email with simple instructions and the link to the game app.

    If you have booked a game with a specific date and time, we will meet you at the appointed time at the starting point to hand over evidence for your investigation.

    If you have booked a game without a specific date, then you can play at any time as soon as you have received a confirmation email.

  • Haven't received your confirmation email even after checking your junk mail?

    No worries! Email us at hello@ardi.one or in case your game is within the next 24h just call us at 010 585 30 00 and we'll be happy to help!

  • Can I reschedule a game?

    Sure! Game sessions with specific date and time can be rescheduled free of charge by phone or e-mail no later than 24 hours before the game session starts.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Game sessions can be cancelled with a full refund via the phone or email within 14 days after the reservation has been made, but not later than 24 hours before the game session starts and if the game session was not activated. 

    Reservations with discount code

    Cancellation of an activity that was booked with a discount code is refunded only to 50%. Cancellation can be made via the phone or email within 14 days after the reservation has been made, but not later than 24 hours before the game session starts and if the game session was not activated. 

  • We came to play but the weather is crap, can we reschedule?

    We recommend you to follow the weather forecast and try to cancel at least 24 hours before the game session starts. However, in case the weather has changed drastically (heavy rain or similar) upon arrival and you will not be able to play, you have a right to reschedule your game session free of charge.

  • Do you have indoor or online options?

    Of course! For your company's team building we have the OfficeQuest game and for those of you who want to have fun with friends and family, we have a home game - HomeQuest!